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Grass Cutting Singapore

Grass Cutting Singapore

When you see your garden or landscape start to turn into a land of uneven grass patches, it makes you feel demoralized about your green property and makes you think about how it was at the very beginning, when it was both clean and pristine. At LCS, we aim to achieve that for our customers, ensuring that they do not need to have to worry about the state of their garden, as we will bring in professionals that will come in on a regular basis to ensure that your grass is uniform and your garden is pleasant for any activities that you might want to do. We will have one of our professionals from the team come down personally to give an inspection of your lawn before we determine the actions that need to be taken for your garden to be clean and green.

Danger to your loved ones

One of the reasons for regular grass cutting is actually to prevent objects that might be hidden in tall grasses from hurting you or your loved ones that are using the space for various activities. Imagine your child walking bare-footed into the garden, and he or she steps on a sharp object that is not seen by anyone due to the length of the grass that obscures any vision of the object. That is a situation that we at LCS keep at the back of our mind, as we do not want this to happen to anyone. With that, we strive to ensure the best possible grass-cutting measures and techniques are implemented for all our customers so that they will never have to face anything similar to the scenario above.

Dengue prevention

When your garden or any of your green spaces have long grasses, there is a high chance for dengue to build up in hidden potholes around your garden. The average mosquito only needs about a 20-cent coin circumference for it to lay eggs, and it will take about 10-14 days for your house to be infested with a bunch of mosquitoes. This is even worse in Singapore, as there is a high chance for the mosquito to carry the Dengue virus that has killed 20 people in Singapore in 2020 so far, out of the 26,000 people infected by the virus. Even if it is not highly fatal, it will cause the person a lot of pain and agony as they deal with the symptoms of the virus. To prevent you or your family members from ever getting the virus due to the lack of maintenance for your green spaces, we at LCS are committed to removing this threat by providing quality and efficient work that is incomparable, especially when lives are at stake.

Fire Hazard

As mentioned in the recent article on CNA, due to the circuit breaker from 2nd April to 7th May, many parks had overgrown green verges that needed to be trimmed. The risk of having fires break out, especially in prolonged periods of dry weather, was listed as one of the reasons for the government to step up the trimming of public spaces. In Singapore, this is a daunting reality, as we live in a country that is constantly plagued by high temperatures, so the risk of fires breaking out is a very real threat. This is especially so when the grasses are not cut, meaning that there is more exposure to the sun and more fuel for the fire to occur and continue raging in your backyard. That is why we urge all our clients to have a regular grass-cutting plan, be it from us or from a reputable lawn servicing company so that your lawn is always kept clean and not a ticking time bomb that could ruin the lives of you and your family.